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An absolutely amazing & so informative (as well as free) guided talk by Leslie Primo. He was very audible, knowledgeable & entertaining. So much so that I didn’t notice I’d been standing for an hour, excellent.

National Gallery visitor, Summer 2017

An excellent talk by Leslie Primo – informative and wonderfully interesting, I’m looking forward to his next talk this afternoon, a very good experience.

National Gallery visitor, August 2017

I just took the 2:30 guided tour with Leslie Primo. He is far and away one of the most engaging speakers I have had the pleasure of listening to! I am a tour director, so it’s my job to hire local guides/speakers… So I know of what I speak. Bravo, Leslie! Hope to cross paths with you again.

National Gallery visitor, November 2016

Just Enjoyed a very informative and pleasant, clear free talk from Leslie Primo. Rarely take the time to write comments, but here I had to. Many thanks to the National Gallery for all it has done over the years.

National Gallery visitor

My wife, two adult daughters, and I participated in two of the free guided tours— each in the 2:30 time slot. The first, on May 24, was guided by a man whose last name, I believe, was Primo. He focused on the architecture as well as the paintings.The teacher, Primo (for he was certainly more than a guide), took us to paintings at which we otherwise would barely have glanced. Like most, I expect, we tend to prefer the Impressionists, and we give Medieval and Renaissance paintings little attention. He showed us things in the paintings that we would never have seen. We learned not only about the artists, but also about the subjects and the artists' relationships with the subjects. The hour barely seemed like 15 minutes.

On both occasions, we commented to each other: “I would love to take a class from that fellow.”

Our thanks to the National Gallery for making our experience so rewarding.

North Oaks, Minnesota USA

We come each year to the National Gallery to take the tours. Today we took the 11:30 tour with Leslie Primo. It was excellent – the best tour guide we have had for the last few years. He not only explained the paintings academically, which my wife, who is an artist, appreciated, but also explained so that non-artists like I got to understand the painting and its historical context. Later we asked him about Titian – Venice & Florence and he explained with patience and clarity.

National Gallery Visitor

I come to London about twice a year and I have often taken advantage of your free get-acquainted tour. I would like to report that today's tour was the most informative,and pleasant I have ever participated in. The gentleman who conducted it, Leslie Primo, made it an experience to remember. Instead of annoying the participants with superfluous instructions (e.g. when to take photos etc.) he spoke in a loud and clear manner and not a word he uttered was banal. I am so glad I braved the pouring rain to make the 11:30 appointment. Today, I learned a lot while enjoying myself. Thanks.

Mario Gargiulo, COL US Army Ret.

Had a brilliant time at the 1st class on "Intro to European Art" by artfirstprimo. A new dimension to my understanding of western culture.

Manimaran Manivannan

‏Happened today (subtle) stand-up comedy & history of art at its best; by @artfirstprimo at the National Gallery, London. Leslie thank you!

London Free Shows

Just enjoyed excellent, eye-opening course by Leslie Primo on iconography in painting. Highly recommend!

Helen Mason

Excellent! What a superb speaker and presenter. Wonderful. What can I say - except I'd like to follow a tour of his again.

Rev Francis Pole – West Sussex.

I wanted to give positive feedback on Leslie Primo's National Gallery Tour.  WOW, what an interesting hour! Leslie's mind contains a vast amount of information and historical correlations which was most interesting to listen to. He was absolutely mesmerising and really brought the art work to life.

Adonica, Visitor to a National Gallery tour

Thank you for an excellent day in the NG yesterday. Please also say thank you again to Leslie for his discourse on the Judgment of Paris and Rubens. It adds so much more to hear the pictures linked as he did – I think I am getting more ‘friendly’ towards Rubens the more I know of him and see of his pictures

Sally, student

Today I went on a tour of the National Gallery, London with Leslie Primo. It was a most interesting hour, he explained in-depth the paintings, the artists, the history and the artistic techniques. A book or guide book could not have given us such a beautiful description.

Dr G. Brawton – Lincs

Could we please say that the tour at the National Portrait Gallery given by Leslie Primo was an amazing thing to listen to and most enjoyable and the pictures stories alive.

Juli Vaez, Crawley, West Sussex
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