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“Feel confident about entering art galleries, feel confident in general conversation, feel confident about art”

Ever been to an art gallery and wondered around looking at paintings wondering what on earth they could possibly be all about? Ever felt ill equipped and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work on display? What would be really great is if you could find someone to personally decipher all that art jargon and tell you all about your favourite pictures in a way that was easy to understand. But where do you find such a person that can unlock all the secrets of your favourite paintings? Well your troubles are over. With an Art First gallery tour Leslie Primo will not only give you the knowledge necessary to survive in any art gallery in the world, but also the language that will not only impress your potential date, but also your dinner party guests.


Many thanks to all those watched, and are still watching this programme on BBC iPlayer, in which I made a contribution on the subject of Michelangelo.  I very much appreciate your very kinds words and comments of praise regarding my contribution to this positive move forward in British television culture.  I hope the BBC, and other television channels, will continue to reflecting the reality of their diverse audiences with more art historians, such as myself, who just happen to be black and British, speaking on a variety of subjects, including the greats of Western European art, like Michelangelo, Leonardo, Turner, etc.  As I have already mentioned, I am delighted the BBC has taken this initiative, because for long as I can remember I have admired the corporation and its core values. Right now we are seeing the beginning of true representation on arts television. I love that we are now learning from unique voices speaking on a broad range of subjects. #artontv #artonthebbc #arthistory #woke

Depicting the Magi:

Origins, gifts and representing men of colour
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Fine Art Lectures

Accredited Arts Society lecturer

Leslie Primo has been an accredited lecturer at The Arts Society  since 2010 lecturing on a variety of subjects, and is not only available for The Arts Society, but also other local fine art societies, such as the Art Fund. If you would like a slide lecture for your society click on the repertoire link below, choose your lecture and contact Leslie Primo.

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Private London Gallery Tours

London Gallery Tours

How about a one hour tour of art institutions such as the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, Tate Britain, Tate Modern, The Victoria & Albert Museum or the Wallace Collection? Art First is a perfect accompaniment for a corporate function, a special gift to a group of friends or an educational trip.

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Art for All

Leslie Primo conducts regular one hour tours of art institutions such as the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery every month.

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