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Ever been to an art gallery and wondered around looking at paintings wondering what on earth they could possibly be all about? Ever felt ill equipped and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work on display? What would be really great is if you could find someone to personally decipher all that art jargon and tell you all about your favourite pictures in a way that was easy to understand. But where do you find such a person that can unlock all the secrets of your favourite paintings? Well your troubles are over. With an Art First gallery tour Leslie Primo will not only give you the knowledge necessary to survive in any art gallery in the world, but also the language that will not only impress your potential date, but also your dinner party guests.


Turner – Light and Landscape

See Leslie on BBC4 24 January 2021

Art historian Leslie Primo examines six decades of BBC archive to explore what makes JMW Turner such a beloved name in British art. Almost everyone has good things to say about Turner – after all, he’s responsible for some of Britain’s greatest artistic treasures, like The Fighting Temeraire, and Rain, Steam and Speed. But exactly what makes him great is where opinions can differ.

Leslie discovers the TV art historians behind each theory. Was Turner great because he reinvented landscape painting, because he was a radical whose work marked the beginning of modern painting, or because he captured the extraordinary march of the industrial revolution? Through the archives, Leslie meets Fiona Bruce, Simon Schama, Andrew Graham-Dixon and Kenneth Clarke.

Leslie also finds that the disputed nature of Turner’s brilliance has made for some entertaining film-making, from a frock-coat- and powdered-wig-loaded reconstruction of his humble origins as the son of a barber in London’s Covent Garden, to modern art historian Tim Marlow lashing himself to a mast in the middle of a choppy ocean to recreate Turner’s inspiration for Fishermen at Sea.

Even if you think you know Turner, the programme reveals fascinating surprises about the complex man behind some of Britain’s most revered works of art.

Depicting the Magi:

Origins, gifts and representing men of colour
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Fine Art Lectures

Accredited Arts Society lecturer

Leslie Primo has been an accredited lecturer at The Arts Society  since 2010 lecturing on a variety of subjects, and is not only available for The Arts Society, but also other local fine art societies, such as the Art Fund. If you would like a slide lecture for your society click on the repertoire link below, choose your lecture and contact Leslie Primo.

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Private London Gallery Tours

London Gallery Tours

How about a one hour tour of art institutions such as the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, Tate Britain, Tate Modern, The Victoria & Albert Museum or the Wallace Collection? Art First is a perfect accompaniment for a corporate function, a special gift to a group of friends or an educational trip.

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